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Cooking without dairy

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  • Cooking without dairy

    Hello board,

    One of the many things cannabis helps me with is digestion. I really want to into edibles but most are made with milk, butter, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions for cooking without dairy? Coconut oil?

    Suggestions welcomed!

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    Oil is certainly a classic. I'm not an expert on which oils are the best in terms of their extraction rates, but if you bring oil to a low simmer in a pan, and let your weed cook in it for a while, you can make a host of things. It's important not to burn the herb, so low heat is ideal. Once it's sufficiently extracted, simply strain the oil and use it for whatever you like. Essentially any meal that you'd cook in a skillet can be made 'edible' (sounds funny), and baking becomes accessible as well. Brownies, I'm sure you know, can be made into very potent snacks. I enjoy chicken cutlets with a weed glaze. With oils you can also make candies and other treats. The creativity comes down to finding a recipe you like.


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      C. Smith has it dead on the head! Also, a quick tidbit - Coconut oil is one of the most efficient oils you can extract with! Good choice !


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        I have been very successful substituting coconut oil ( organic readily available pretty much anywhere. I get mine on Amazon) for butter or oil. It is solid at room temp and liquidfy at very low heat. It can be use in any recipe calling for butter ot oil.