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Vaporizers, and forget the smoke.

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  • Vaporizers, and forget the smoke.

    All we love the smoke and its smell, but also know that combustion implies small solid waste going into our lungs. To avoid that, here we are, the vaporizers. Let's talk about it.

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    My ideal vape... a long cone shape that opens at the wide end. You roll a joint exactly as noraml, but sans tobacco if you use it. Then pop open the front of the vape, slide in the joint, close the front, and each time you take a toke, it instantly heats an element that accurately targets a slice of the joint, with the element slowly working its way toward you with each toke.. Basically, I wont a vaporiser that works exactly like a joint!!!


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      Design one Grime; i think you are on to something here.

      Me; I have had a ' Solo Arizer' vaporiser for more that a year now. It's incredibly easy to clean and the whole process from taking it out of the box to being high on your couch takes only a few minutes max. It stays charged up forever too. I really have to recommend Arizer products as a result of my experienc with this vaporiser.
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      • Grimeandreason
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        It would only work once lasers are better, since you would need to accurately vape a slice, if you get me? Lasers will revolutionise vapes, allow for all sorts of designs and variations. Perhaps. Im not a physicist. But the accuracy is key.

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      dear humans of the miracle plant.

      Glasgow Scotland here.

      looking for some advice , i seek a pen like vaporiser, about 60 brit pounds , around 90 US dollars.


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        I would also like to ask the opinions of the tase i get from any vapo I have used. to use a scottish word, its boggin, not the sweetest taste, can it be added to somehow like the way the cigarette junkies are like with their stuff .

        many thank

        Glasgow Scotland over and out


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          I love my little e-go with glass chamber. It's really nice to see what's going on inside. Clean draw every time and it's easy to clean... just boil the removable parts.


          • literatewolf
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            I vape nicotine liquid. Is it the same idea but using the herb?

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          I love vaping, but I can't be the only one who doesn't get bored with it sometimes. Honestly after only vaping for a few weeks, I tend to want to smoke much more. It doesn't always go the opposite way. I think it's the solid waste going into my lungs that makes it more substantial, and consequently more satisfying.

          edit: that e-go looks great


          • Legallymad
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            Same here, a right good blast of the vape and a joint chaser

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          Lol, finally that solid waste makes a difference!


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            I have worked at head shops and smoke shops for about 2 years and have seen a lot of products come through. I can say the Pax is one of the best and proven. There is also a new one on the market from Grenco Science called the G-Pro, looks promising and it is a lot more affordable. . If you are looking for an at home unit that plugs into the wall and sits on a table, Volcano is the best, expensive but works well. Less expensive at home units would be Da Buddah and The Silver Surfer.

            As far as pen like vaporizers, these are generally not true vaporizers, for most will combust your materials with how it comes out of the box, a ceramic or glass screen can be used to create separation and prevent combustion. There are many parts on the market for this style and be careful not to get cheap parts. G-Pens are nice, but will only work with G-Pen parts.


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              A big FAT-ONE Hello, I've been looking around for a 3-way, vape-all pen. I'd like something I can carry with me easily (glass is out). So far my research seems to point to an Atmos as the company to go to. Anybody have some others that they prefer? I'd like one that can vape herb or tobaccy, but also need to be able to vape an oil and maybe just stick it in my pocket (compact) to be able to pull out for a quick, pick-me-up hit or 2. I'm really new to the world of vape other than the old fashion water & ice (sometimes wine) bong. Still use my old acrylic one. Love it! Any thoughts or suggestions?


              'nuff Said


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                After using an Amazed pipe, I switched to vaponic. I considered Magic Flight also, but the issue with batteries made me think twice about it.

                And in fact, I am happy with vaponic. Sometimes I burn the weed a little bit, trying to get the most of it, but that's easy to avoid it if you are a little careful.

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